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Ensure Subscription excellence,
and scale your way

  • Customize subscriptions for high-volume, and scale in multiple markets
  • Automate recurring billing and revenue collection
  • Connect your tech stack for subscription insights and success
How GOODIEBOX scaled with Upodi
Our customers trust Upodi and grow year after year.

World-class automated subscription management

We take care of your subscription management, while you take care of your business growth.

  • Integrates seamlessly with leading financial and account solutions.
  • Eliminating the possibility of human errors.
  • Recurring billing software at its finest.
  • Adapting to changing market focus.
Connected subscriptions

Connect your finances directly to our recurring billing & and subscription platform, and reduce the time spent on double efforts and errors. Design your invoices and regain control of your brand. Upodi is the 2.0 of subscriptions management.

Easy onboarding

Integrate fast and effortlessly. Our simple API enables you to onboard within hours, not days, reducing the internal hours building infrastructure and allowing more resources to build your product. You won’t find an easier recurring billing software.

High-volume Subscriptions

Upodi customers in numbers



 EUR Processed Revenue



Avg. Subscription growth



Subscribers in 2022

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API first approach

The software engine driving subscriptions and data

Connected via Open API, Upodi sits at the heart of the IT architecture, driving automation from sign-up, to switch plans and upgrades, to dunning.

Upodi has extensive data tracking, so you can customize the data you require to extract valuable business, product, and customer revenue insights, to inform your business.

You're in good company
Upodi is a team of people before technology. Besides providing a platform which enables Goodiebox to scale, Upodi provides knowledge and people to guide the growth across Europe.
Nikolaj Leonhard-Hjorth
CMO at Goodiebox
Jacob Faber - Lunar 2
Take me to the moon
Upodi is a great match for us because they support massive growth, and we are on an epic growth journey.
Jacob Faber
Head of Business at Lunar
Anders Fogh - Startup central
My recommendation
Upodi gave us immediate support and helped us go live within days not months. For a small fast-growing company like ours, Upodi is the right partner in supporting our growth ambitions.
Anders Fogh
CEO at Startup Central
Stay on brand with a white-label solution

Upodi is a 100% white-label solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing customer journey, including all the activities involved in a subscriber’s lifecycle, from signing up to cancellation. 

Integrate with your existing setup

Our API-first approach enables compliant and secure integration to your existing tech stack. Get onboarded and integrate Upodi with your ERP or accounting system within hours. Upodi is simple to set up and user-friendly.

Your customer data is safe with us

Upodi is fully compliant with GDPR and PCI regulations. Companies and their subscribers can rest assured their credit card and other personal data is safe.

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Less admin.
More vision.

We automate your manual work of subscription bookkeeping, subscription management, and payment tracking.

  • Spend more time on what matters in your business.
  • Efficient and accurate revenue reporting.
  • Less worry and wasted time.
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