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✔ We take care of your subscription management...
✔ We unlock unlimited subscription growth...
✔ We scale recurring billing with you...

...So you can keep the focus on your new business growth.


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Put your subscriptions on


We take care of your subscription management, while you take care of your business growth.

✔ Integrates seamlessly with leading financial and account solutions.
✔ Eliminating the possibility of human errors.
✔ Recurring billing software at its finest.
✔ Adapting to changing market focus.


On-demand billing

Orchestrate flexible charges with one-off payments or recurring revenue with volume- or tier-based pricing plans. Pay using credit card (VISAMastercard), debit direct, or manual invoicing. We team up with the best payment providers.


Connected subscriptions

Connect your finance directly to our recurring billing & subscription platform, reduce the time spent on double efforts and errors. Design your invoices and regain control of your brand. Upodi is the 2.0 of subscriptions management.


Easy onboarding

Integrate fast and effortlessly. Our simple API’s enable you to onboard within hours, not days, reducing the internal hours building infrastructure and allowing more resources to build your product. You won’t find an easier recurring billing software.

Meet some of our customers

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Simple auto-pilot.
Limitless scale.

We automate your subscription management to efficiently secure, retain and grow your revenue.

✔ Our platform grows with your company.
✔ Making your business fit to scale.
✔ Reducing time and resources spent.
✔ Adaptable SaaS subscription management.
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Empowering back offices

Once you're set up, you can create and manage subscriptions and invoices - and view detailed financial reports-directly from the dashboard.




My recommendation

Upodi gave us immediate support and helped go-live within days not months. For a small high-growing company like ours, Upodi is the right partner all the way in our growth ambitions.

startup central
Anders Fogh
CEO at Startup Central

Beyond technology

Upodi is a team of people before technology. Besides providing a platform which enables Goodiebox to scale, Upodi provides knowledge and people to guide the growth across Europe.

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Nikolaj Leonhard-Hjorth
CMO at Goodiebox

You're in good company

Upodi has given us the freedom to grow, accommodate our custom requirements and scale more efficiently. On top of that - their support is always there to help out - people behind the screen just like Lunar.


Flemming Laugesen
CTO at Lunar


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Less admin.
More vision.

We automate your manual work of subscription bookkeeping, subscription management, and payment tracking.

✔ Spend more time on what matters in your business.
✔ Efficient and accurate revenue reporting.
✔ Less worry and wasted time.

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We are payment agnostics!

Different customers mean different payment preferences. Whether your customers are B2B or B2C they will have different payment preferences. That is why Upodi provides various options of payment, directly integrated and available. Customer experience is about meeting customer expectations. Regardless of who you are or where you are. 

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