Unleash recurring billing and invoicing processes.


Billing your customers is (naturally) a big part of running a subscription business. However, recurring billing can easily become a complex process... many different schedules and rules, as you can bill your customers in many ways. It can be on a specific date, time of sign up, or something third. Moreover, the periods are also depending on your business model, could be annual, monthly, weekly, etc...


Luckily the complexity can be lifted off of your shoulders.


With Upodi you will get automated billing software, that makes sure that billing is handled accordingly to your demands.

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Why automated billing and invoicing? 


Recurring billing is complex and if you get it wrong it can push your customers away from your business. Mastering recurring billing is therefore a crucial part of running a successful subscription business.

This can be done by choosing capable automated billing software, that enables you to automate 100% of the billing process. All you need to do is optimize your subscription offers and Upodi will handle the rest.


  Benefits of automated billing


            icon-check More predictable and consistent cash flow.

            icon-check Flexible with your pricing strategies.

            icon-check Reduce the risk of delinquent payments.

            icon-check Automated prorations

            icon-check Reduce your churn rate.




Don’t miss out on revenue - Automate proration:

What happens when your customers up-/downgrade their service in the middle of the billing period?

Often it will be handled the easy/cheap way, where the customer will only be billed when the next period happens (and vice versa).

Our automated billing software ensures that customers pay exactly what they need (no more, no less). By doing this, you will get to focus on your core business and create even more value for your customers. Learn more about proration here.

Don’t let technology be a limit – prevent technical churn:

Recurring billing is super convenient for your customers, they only have to provide their payment information once. A downside to this is technical churn, which includes credit card that expires, gets blocked, or similar. This is a disruption in a subscription and can cause you a customer if you do not handle it properly.

We have a system that automatically monitors the payment methods' health in Upodi. This will enable you to act proactively to your customers, so they don’t miss out on your awesome product/service.

This is also a great way to show your customers that you care and provide a good service. Learn more about technical churn here.




Why Upodi?




At Upodi, our only goal is to provide the best subscription management and recurring billing platform. We are a start-up from 2017 and rely heavily on the start-up mindset. We are born in Europe, more precisely Denmark.

Over the last couple of years, we have helped 100+ customers join the subscription business model with our platform.  rocket-1
What makes us different? 

Unlike many of our competitors, we are born in Europe. Europe is extremely fragmented across the borders and each country has its own preferences (e.g. when it comes to payment methods). So, even though the countries are geographically close, customer behaviors are not the same.

You might think what does it matter? Well, if you have high ambitions (like most do) about their subscription business and want it to scale, then at some point you want to go beyond borders... Let's say you provide credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, etc.), that's what everyone has. This might result in potential customers leaving your website at the check-out... Because you do not offer their preferred payment method. 

By choosing Upodi as your subscription management and recurring billing platform you will be able to expand internationally without worrying about not providing your customers with their preferred payment methods. See which payment methods we are currently supporting here