8 reasons why you should automate your SaaS subscription business with Upodi

15 August 2022- 15 min read

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As your SaaS business grows and you start scaling, two things happen: the pressure on your tech stack rises, and the workload on your employees increases. Subscription billing complexity reaches new heights, pushing you to explore new setups or solutions.

Maybe you are moving from a manual setup to an automated one, or perhaps you are ready to explore a different subscription billing platform to help you handle new challenges? Whichever the case, see why Upodi can be your best partner on this journey.


2.4 People before technology

1. People before technology

Technology should serve people, not the other way around. While we put a lot of effort into making sure our platform delivers, we strive to maintain simplicity and user-friendliness.

Our goal is to present you with features that bring value but not to stress out your employees. We ensure you get onboarded swiftly, start benefiting from our software from the get-go, and get timely support when needed. There will be no forced implementation of other tools or companies.

2.4 Subscriptions at the core

2. Subscriptions at the core

We focus on what we do best - subscriptions, and our product is dedicated solely to recurring billing and subscription management. You will not have to implement a clunky system with unnecessary add-ons that slow down processes and mess up your existing setup. 

Upodi integrates seamlessly with most accounting ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) and any PSPs (Payment Service Providers) you might need. We automate your manual work of subscription bookkeeping, subscription management, and payment tracking to help you efficiently secure, retain and grow your revenue.

2.4 Backed by a leading tech provider

3. Backed by a leading tech provider

We are backed by one of the leading European tech providers - Visma. So with Upodi, you get the best of two worlds: an agile and customer-centric smaller company with the strengths and competencies of a large corporation.

It can be tricky to navigate each country’s preferences and different subscriber behaviors in a highly fragmented market such as Europe. As a company born in Europe, we know how to approach the continent and are fully capable of assisting you. We cater to various SaaS clients, including Zenegy, Lunar, Billy, and Cookie Information.

2.4 Manage the entire customer cycle

4. Manage the entire customer cycle

Handle subscription management with full confidence and flexibility. From signup to cancellation - we help you maintain the entire customer cycle. We focus on retaining existing customers and ensuring they remain subscribed to your product or service.

Need to make changes to pricing or about to enter new markets? Not an issue with Upodi. Apply pricing adjustments or set up new currencies without disrupting your sales process. The platform also enables subscribers to upgrade, downgrade easily, or make other changes to their subscription plans: no error-prone manual work and minimized churn.

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2.4 Tackle billing complexity

5. Tackle billing complexity

We know how complex billing can get as you grow your SaaS business. The number of subscriptions and the volume of transactions keeps rising, putting a strain on your accounting team. With Upodi, you can automate invoicing and even customize it to your preference.

No more invoicing that’s a burden to your employees and costs you extra resources. Easily send out company-branded invoices to your customers using Upodi. You decide how much and when your subscribers should pay, and we take care of invoicing.

Parent billing and complex customer hierarchies are also supported to adjust for in-direct and direct purchase channels because revenue can have multiple streams.

2.4 No more chasing payments

6. No more chasing payments

Our platform has automated charge claims, reclaims, and dunning, ensuring that payments go through and you don’t miss out on any revenue. Upodi will promptly communicate to your customers should there be any issues with their chosen payment method or credit card.

Upodi has teamed up with some of the best payment providers, including Stripe, SEPA, PayPal, MobilePay, and many others. A wide variety of payment methods caters to more different markets and customers.

2.4 Your customer data is safe with us

7. Your customer data is safe with us

Running a subscription-based SaaS business means handling large amounts of sensitive billing data. Compliance with multiple international regulations to secure the data is no easy task, but with Upodi, that’s something you don’t need to worry about.

Your subscribers can rest assured their credit card and other personal information is safe because Upodi is fully compliant with GDPR and PCI regulations.

2.4 Automate to focus on growth

8. Automate to focus on growth

Adapting to the changing market and customer behavior is essential to maintain that competitive edge. Recurring billing and subscription management automation can help you focus more on business growth and stay ahead of the curve.

By automating your subscription billing with Upodi, you reduce both time and resources spent on handling subscriptions and minimize human errors and churn. You get a flexible technology that seamlessly implements adjustments in your subscriptions to benefit your position and make your business stand out from the crowd.


Put your subscriptions in good hands

The right recurring billing and subscription management platform can be a game-changer for your SaaS business, but you need someone who will fully support and improve your business model.

“Upodi has given us the freedom to grow, accommodate our custom requirements and scale more efficiently. On top of that - their support is always there to help out - people behind the screen just like Lunar.” Flemming Laugesen, CTO at Lunar

See how Upodi can help improve your subscription billing efforts; book a free trial:


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