[WEBINAR] Avoid scaring away customers with bad communication

04 November 2021- 3 min read

WEBINAR 3/11 w. Ed Ley and Jakob Soderberg

Our brain is wired to quickly respond to stimuli with either a "Flight" or "Fight" mode.

This webinar will focus on how to avoid creating this effect and how to use other tactics to create more winning sales communication strategies.

Your potential customer is either doing something wrong (you have a solution) or is not doing anything at all (status quo - and you need to explain that your customer needs to change) - both situations create a fight or flight mindset and that is not good for your business.

"Business Aikido" - the gentle art of conversation. The only martial art where nobody (is supposed to) get hurt. This is what we will try to teach in this webinar, how to communicate to your customers without “hurting” them.


Get the webinar recording here: 

Webinar 3/11-2021

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