[WEBINAR] Build a subscription business in less than an hour!

17 May 2021- 3 min read


WEBINAR 12/5 with Tobias Binau and Jakob Soderberg

In this webinar Tobias and Jakob will demonstrate how to get up and running with your subscription business version 1.0 in less than an hour. This is possible due to a collaboration that has been made over the last couple of months with Wiredelta - MySubscription.

Screenshot (306)Wiredelta has created a customer portal, where you quickly can set it up and apply your design. This is were your customers can log in, maintain their subscription, up-/downgrade, pause or end their subscription. This frontend is build upon our Upodi engine.

Our backend subscription engine makes sure that your subscriptions are running smoothly and provides you with a scalable and flexible foundation. Hereby, a perfect match if you are looking to start a subscription business or transforming our current business to a subscription based. It simplifies subscription and saves you a lot of expensive developer hours. Read more about the collaboration here:https://www.upodi.com/subscription-management-and-customer-portal

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Webinar 12/5-2021



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