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30 May 2022- 14 min read

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The day is here. Whatever solution you have for managing your recurring billing - you realize it just doesn't cut it anymore. You are tired of how long it takes to handle invoicing, ARR calculations manually, dunning, or subscriptions and are ready to automate these tasks.

We get it. While the subscription business model comes with a promise of a reliable revenue stream, it can also put a strain on your employees as they try to navigate the billing maze and collect payments manually.

You need reliable recurring billing software to tackle your pain points. A platform that not only automates your billing and subscription management but also integrates seamlessly with the existing tech without messing it all up. 

We have a suggestion.

Automate and scale your business with Upodi

Upodi is a well-oiled billing engine that fully supports your preferred billing cycle and frequency, integrates easily, and helps you save time and money by automating manual tasks, such as invoicing, payment, and subscription management.

We believe that billing-related bottlenecks should not limit your business. Upodi is designed to support your business with powerful customizable features that get you back at the steering wheel and allow you to scale with peace of mind.

Let us dive deeper into how Upodi can help your business.

All you need for recurring billing - one solution

A common headache for many companies with complex billing journeys is having a broad portfolio of systems that need their information synced, leading to double entry. Upodi can serve as "one source of truth" for anything billing-related.

Your chosen recurring billing and subscription management solution should allow you to sync data across your tech stack. It should cater to your billing and subscription needs and automate whatever you might need: issuing invoices, handling payments, subscription changes or reporting, pricing, and packaging control.

Upodi assists your company in handling everything from invoice matching, dunning, subscription cancellations, or applying new pricing models. See it as your all-in-one recurring billing engine

Guide: What is recurring billing?

No more revenue leaks or unpredictable cash flow

When your recurring payments fail in relation to payment gateways or for another reason, you are often forced to find money elsewhere to stay afloat. Automation drastically reduces the number of missing or late payments, allowing a much more consistent and predictable cash flow.

Should payments still fail - Upodi can take care of it through the means of dunning. Automated charge claims, reclaims, and dunning is a professional approach to your customers and your billing process.

Unpaid invoices, taxation errors, and accidental underbilling can lead to revenue leaks. Upodi will manage most of your revenue collection and accommodate any changes to customer data or payments. This also ensures your company is getting all the revenue it’s supposed to.

Automated invoicing also contributes to guaranteed revenue. You decide when and how much your subscribers should pay, and Upodi takes care of the invoicing. We also provide automated invoice matching and can include invoices of classic bank wire transfers.


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Handle any changes mid-cycle

Recurring payments are very convenient for customers. When they are automatically charged on a set schedule, they can make payments without lifting a finger. 

However, customers’ needs change regularly, and they suddenly want to pause, upgrade or downgrade their subscription, all in the middle of your billing cycle. 

Your customers should be able to do so without jumping through hoops. Upodi provides you with automated proration. You no longer need to worry when your customers want to change their subscriptions mid-cycle.

Your customers will love you

Upodi offers close to 50 payment methods, enabling you to provide your customers with whatever payment options are necessary. Whether your customers are B2B or B2C, they will always have different payment preferences.

Automated proration and dunning efforts also help reduce the churn rate. There will be cases when a customer’s credit card expires or gets blocked, which disrupts a subscription and can mean a lost customer if not dealt with properly.

Upodi automatically monitors the health of payment methods. This will enable you to act proactively with your customers so they don’t miss out on your top-notch product or service.

It’s also a great way to show your customers that you care and provide a good service.

Finally, thanks to our self-service feature, your customers can sign up, activate, change, and pause or cancel accounts independently. Both your customers and especially your customer support team will be grateful.

API-first and GDPR compliant

Whichever recurring billing and subscription management platform you choose, make sure it is integration-friendly. You want all of your systems to “talk” to each other automatically and without bigger issues. For example, Upodi has an API-first approach. Integrate it with your ERP or PSP, any system you need. There will be no forced collaboration with other tools or companies.

Running a subscription-based business also means handling large amounts of customer data. We know what a hassle it can be to comply with all of those data-related international regulations. Upodi fully complies with the requirements of GDPR or PCI. One more thing you don’t need to worry about.


Upodi is more than just software!

Our firm belief is that you are not just buying software. We also want you to get the full value of that software, get onboarded easily, and get the support you need.

Europe is a highly fragmented market, and each country has its preferences (e.g., payment methods) and different customer behaviors. As a company born in Europe, we understand how to navigate the continent and are fully capable of assisting you.

Plus, Upodi is a 100% white label solution, meaning that you can retain your brand identity and own the customer experience.

By adding a powerful recurring billing engine to your business, you can stop adding complexity to your tech stack and just focus on growing your business. Ready to optimize? Book a free demo:


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