Manual invoicing based on number of users and clicks

21 July 2020- 3 min read

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… That sounds boring.  

Nevertheless, this is the reality in many companies - it takes an incredibly long time, it is manual (read: high risk of error) AND lack of proration means that you potentially lose revenue (read more about proration here).

The other day, a Danish company decided that enough should be enough. They were tired of asking themselves questions such as:

  • How many users were there last month?
  • How many clicks were there on "function x"
  • What is the price in this agreement for the first 10 users?
  • and what do the next 10 users cost?
  • Based on the above, what should we invoice?


And I understand that they got tired of it! And what do you do then?


You use a "Subscription Management" tool.


This company has a pricing model that best supports their commercial interests as well as customers' desires. It should, of course, be able to be supported. 


Therefore, it is now fully automated that the first 10 users have a different price than user 11-20 and so on.


And when consumption data is sent directly to Upodi at the same time, customers are invoiced the right amount, every time.


Fortunately, there is now a smaller company that spends its time on this month after month.

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Tobias Binau

Tobias Binau

Tobias Binau is the Senior Sales Executive at Upodi, and is located in Copenhagen (most of the time). Since joining Upodi, Tobias passion for the subscription economy has grown and is the motivation base for trying to convert companies to the relationship based business model. Tobias is experienced in sales and customer relations and driven to provide the best customer service and relation.

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