Recurring Billing is the key to future success

Over the past years customer preferences have changed and the pay-per-use payment model has started to take over. Consumers demand more convenient, personalized, and often lower-cost way to buy what they want and need.

At Upodi we believe it is a question of time before all industries and companies are based on recurring billing. It is a natural and inevitable consequence of the technological options of today and the changed consumer preferences. The benefits by a recurring billing system is undeniable and we call it a win-win for both companies and customers. Customers don’t have to spend time on purchasing their frequently used products or services, and companies will be able to predict income and focus on growth.

At Upodi we share a mutual goals with our customers that is: To make our customers successful in their subscription businesses.

Who is recurring billing for?

Recurring billing is not only restricted to SaaS companies without a physical product. In fact, with the right amount of creativity, all products can be distributed via a subscription business. It is about changing the mindset of how we perceive products. It is about defining the customer wants and needs of your product. Who needs it and in what quantity and frequency? We are actually already seeing subscription based companies within real estate, airlines, education and finance.

If you want to join in on the subscription rocket but are in doubt whether your company is ready to take off we will be glad to advise you.

The art of keeping it simple

Metrics should be accurate and easy to view, so you can measure the effectiveness of that limited-time offer or see what clients are upgrading or downgrading to.

Information should be easily accessible by multiple teams, so it’s easy for marketing to measure their last campaign or finance to see what this month’s recurring revenue will look like. At Upodi we are all coders and fully aware of the importance of keeping it simple when it comes to software systems.

Subscription management is less expensive than many believe. Get a price quote or look at our standard pricing here.

Fanny Josefine Fredskilde
May 15th, 2019
- 8 min. read.

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