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Churn rate

28 October 2020- 21 min read

Minimise Churn Rate – 6 Tools for Churn Analysis 

While focusing on churn rate can be seen as a negative, with many SaaS companies instead looking to focus on the positive aspects of their retention rate, putting a focus on this metric can have a huge impact on your business growth.

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SaaS Metrics

27 August 2020- 13 min read

SaaS Metrics Guide: What Are the Key Ones?

SaaS businesses that have the most significant long-term success, and always seem to innovate and find ways to keep their customers happy, have one massive thing in common.

They obsess over their metrics and take continual action to improve them.

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03 August 2020- 12 min read

How to Increase ACV as a SaaS Business 

There is so much jargon and so many different acronyms thrown about when it comes to SaaS that it’s easy to confuse yourself and your customers, when it comes to talking about various matters. In addition to causing confusion... 

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Customer Acquisition Cost

14 June 2020- 14 min read

Guide | The what, how and why of customer acquisition cost 

Thanks to continuing improvements in customer behaviour tracking, it has never been easier for businesses to measure their customer acquisition cost (CAC).

The ability to measure CAC has had a substantial influence on businesses, especially in the SaaS space. 

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Customer Lifetime Value

13 April 2020- 15 min read

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Guide + Formula

Customer Lifetime Value, or CLTV, can be used either for real-time analysis or as a prediction model for your business. By using CLTV, you can calculate what customers are worth to your business, both individually and collectively.

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Retention Rate

26 March 2020- 16 min read

Calculating Customer Retention Rate [Guide + Formula]

The SaaS landscape has grown exponentially over the last few years. As businesses continue to realize the vast potential of cloud-based services, the SaaS market is projected to grow to approximately $60 billion in value by 2023.

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27 February 2020- 16 min read

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) Guide + Formula

ARPU can be used to calculate how much revenue an average user, or unit, is generating for your business. It can be a useful metric for helping your SaaS business to analyse growth patterns and to help plan what future strategies and actions you need to set.

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23 February 2020- 20 min read

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Guide + Formula

ARR stands for annual recurring revenue.

If you’re a SaaS business that sells your platform on a subscription basis, ARR can be a powerful metric that will help you:

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18 February 2020- 23 min read

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Guide + Formula

MRR is monthly recurring revenue. It a SaaS metric that describes the amount of money your business can reliably expect to make each month.If you sell your SaaS service on a subscription basis, then MRR is going to be a key metric for you to work with.

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