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Recurring billing: What is it and how does it work?

20 July 2023- 15 min read

With the rising prominence of subscription-based business models, businesses must prioritize their chosen payment methods for customers. A business's success or failure often hinges on its payment strategy's effectiveness. Therefore, gaining a comprehensive understanding of recurring billing processing is essential. 

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What is automated billing and why do we automate bills?

20 July 2023- 14 min read

Are you tired of the hassle and inefficiency of manual billing procedures? Managing invoice generation and payment collection through traditional spreadsheets can be a laborious and time-consuming task. Thankfully, the advent of automated billing systems has revolutionized how businesses handle billing processes.

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How to price a SaaS product?

22 February 2023- 14 min read

Your company is about to launch a fantastic product or service with tons of top-notch features. There is just one vital thing to take care of - pricing. You want happy clients, but you also want that ROI. How to find the golden middle way? There are a few aspects to consider as you develop your pricing strategy. If you get those right - you are well underway to keeping both your customers and yourself happy.

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8 reasons why you should automate your SaaS subscription business with Upodi

15 August 2022- 14 min read

As your SaaS business grows and you start scaling, two things happen: the pressure on your tech stack rises, and the workload on your employees increases. Subscription billing complexity reaches new heights, pushing you to explore new setups or solutions.

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5 steps for successful SaaS subscription management

10 August 2022- 15 min read

If you run a SaaS company, you must have felt the pain of customer churn. There can be many reasons why customers are leaving, but more often than not, one of the main factors is how you manage subscriptions. Do your subscribers have payment options? Can they pause their subscriptions? Do they have a good user experience?

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How SaaS companies can handle complex billing

02 August 2022- 11 min read

If you run a software company yourself, you already know that the SaaS business model, for all its benefits, comes with its own challenges. With a few recurring revenue streams and varied pricing, billing management can quickly become a burden. Manage increasing billing complexity with success by following a few billing best practices.

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How SaaS companies make money: 7 types of recurring revenue models

26 July 2022- 22 min read

There are many ways to earn money as a SaaS business. And whether you are just starting out or already have an established subscription business, you can always explore alternative SaaS recurring revenue models to increase profit.

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3 secrets for growing your business with recurring billing automation

21 July 2022- 12 min read

Your subscription-based business is booming and you are ready to scale. Yet you have concerns about how this could affect your recurring billing management.

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How to automate your recurring billing with Upodi

30 May 2022- 13 min read

The day is here. Whatever solution you have for managing your recurring billing - you realize it just doesn't cut it anymore. You are tired of how long it takes to handle invoicing, ARR calculations manually, dunning, or subscriptions and are ready to automate these tasks.

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How to collect revenue in time with recurring billing automation

23 May 2022- 14 min read

Revenue collection is a vital process for any recurring billing company, regardless of your subscription business model, and this is why it is crucial to ensure its proper management.

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What is recurring billing and how can it improve your business?

25 April 2022- 12 min read

As more and more companies shift their business towards recurring billing, you may be sitting thinking: what is it exactly, and is it worth the fuss?

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