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The digital banking experience is a key element in the strategic cooperation between Lunar Way and Upodi

Lunar Way is a free banking-app, which makes it easy for you to handle your personal finance. It is Lunar Way's vision to create the best digital solution for your finances. Our focus is therefore to create a customized solution that is transparent and easy to understand. Lunar Way is an omni channel banking solution using subscriptions to monetize services and banking members.

”We were looking for a strong subscription-platform that was easy to setup, hardened for scale and ready to handle PSD2 account-2-account and credit card payments using our provider of choice. As a strong fintech company we needed to automate our customer journey whilst still preserving the ability to handle the day to day nurturing of the subscriptions as needed. Upodi has giving us the freedom to grow, accommodate our custom requirements and scale more efficiently. On top of that - their support is always there to help out – people behind the screen like Lunar Way.”

Flemming Laugesen, CTO at Lunar Way

A business model based on subscriptions is a stratetic element for Lunar Way on their journey to change the financial world. The vision for Lunar Way is to create an expereince where it is possible to access your finances in a more understandable, transparent and personal way. There is a need to change the traditional financial institutions and once for all make the economy fair and manageable. That’s why Lunar Way aim to create a 100% digital experience, avoiding small print sections and the use of words that nobody understands – Banking should not be difficult!

As a strong fintech company Lunar Way needed to automate their customer journey whilst still preserving the ability to handle the day to day nurturing of the subscriptions as needed. Requirements and compliance are high in banking, and Lunar Way had a planned go-to-market activity, scaling to thousands of sign-ups within months.

Lunar Way run several business services including consumer and business focused subscriptions on Upodi.

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  • Scalable subscription platform handling high growth.
  • Supporting various business units across B2B and B2C services.
  • Scale from zero to thousands of subscriptions within months.
  • Support for credit card using PayLike payment provider and ClearHaus acquiring.
  • Implementation of the first PSD2 ready account-2-account gateway for subscription services.
  • High requirements to PCI and banking compliance.
  • Lunar Way leverage Google Go! and provide their subscription service through mobile applications on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

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