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Upodi is a subscription management software. We have made it our mission to help companies turn their business into a successful subscription business.

We do it because we believe that a subscription-based business model creates a much better relationship between vendors and customers. And that makes it more fun to do business with each other. Isn't that just beautiful?

We are a software-as-a-service company, but it is not just plug-and-play. We want to be your partner as well and your platform in your subscription business.

We want to help you through whatever might be difficult in handling your subscriptions, while also celebrating your wins. We will make a great team turning your business into a subscription business.

Leadership team

Michael Christensen - CTO
Rasmus Foged - CEO


Million DKK processed every year. Size does not matter - whether the subscription monetization is 1, 10, 1000 or 1.000.000.


Growth amoung our clients every year. Customers of Upodi doubles their subscription base every year - at minimum.


A year, we release a new feature, improve our software or fix a bug. We a are proud of our software.


We subscribe to talent!

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