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From transactions to relationships

Upodi is founded to support the fast growing change in buying behavior. The world is moving from transactions between merchants and their customers to long lasting relationships.

Putting products or services on subscription sounds to many like an easy task – however the complexity of managing recurring revenue and repeated finance tasks is tougher than it looks.




Don't do it yourself! 

Some of Upodi’s first customers wrote their own subscription engine only to realize that this is a task way outside their core competencies. Like most companies today have realized that writing your own financing software is a poor use of internal resources (unless of course, that is your core business).

On the back of that trend Upodi was founded in April 2017 by Rasmus Foged. The sole mission of the company is to help other companies focus on their core business and at the same time harvest the fruits of changing the business model from transactions to relationships.



From box to SaaS - we got your back!

Subscription companies come in many forms and shapes and it is our aim to support all types of subscription businesses. From physical box delivery, to memberships clubs to fast growing SaaS companies and beyond.

Upodi is working in the trifecta of creating a dynamic and trustworthy connection between the vital elements of your business:

- your customer interface (app or website),
- your ERP system and your
- Payment Service Provider.

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