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We love to share our passion about subscription with you - that is why we have create these e-books, so that you can learn more about this fast moving business phenomenon. They are completely free and you will get them send to your mail, so they are easy for you to save and share on different devices.


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A beginners guide to subscription-based billing (1)

A Beginner's Guide to subscription-based billing

This e-book provides a guide designed for businesses interested in getting to know subscription-based billing or optimizing their current one. You will learn the benefits as well as how you can transition from an invoice pricing model to a subscription-based one.  

The road to recurring billing - version 3.0

The road to recurring billing 

The e-book consist of the 8 most important areas you need to consider when wanting to start a subscription business. Each step is elaborated on and different options are proposed.  

Read how you get from decision to operation with Upodi: 

6 tips for choosing a Subscription Billing Platform (2)

6 tips for choosing a Subscription Billing Platform 

Here you are provided with tips and insight into that is important when running a subscription business. The 6 steps are the following:

1) Subscription Handling & Admin, 2) Billing Automation, 3) Payment Processing, 4) Automation Around Customer Needs, 5) Tracking Usage, 6)Business Management Insights. 

ENGLISH - Membership e-book ver. 1.2

Why you should consider a members club

Through different cases you will get an insight and inspiration on how to get:

- more predictable turnover ✔
- deeper insight into customers behavior ✔
- more loyal customers who shop more ✔

New e-book 3-1

Vejen til automatisering (danish e-book)

Bogen der indeholder de 8 vigtigste områder du skal igennem for at sætte strøm til din abonnementsforretning! Hvert trin bliver uddybet, og forskellige muligheder fremgår. 

Læs hvordan du kommer fra beslutning til drift med Upodi:



Derfor skal du overveje en medlemsklub (danish e-book)

Gennem en række cases får du indsigt og inspiration til hvordan du kan få: 

- mere forudsigelig omsætning ✔
- dybere indsigt i kundeadfærd ✔
- mere loyale kunder der handler mere ✔