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Legal documents

Read our terms of service, DPA and service level agreement

Transparency is king

We believe in transparency and a supportive framework in what we do.

Our legal terms of service, service level commitments and support for both PCI and GDPR is available here.

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service (TOS) states our standards of legal binding when using the Upodi service(s).



If you are looking for a recipe for cookies, this is not it. Yet we highlight that cookies and related sites store.


Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) explains our business of conduct when it comes to operating our technical platform and handle support.


Privacy Policy

Privacy is important. We are transparent in what we track, and which data we operate. Please read our privacy policy carefully.


Data Processor Agreement

The EU Personal Data Regulation requires that, as a company, you have a data processing agreement with system suppliers that handles personal sensitive data. As a company, you are responsible for the employee data contained in Upodi, and you are also responsible for documenting how we at Upodi process this data. We have therefore made it easy for you to form a data processing agreement.

With the data processing agreement you have the documentation in place and it only takes a minute! When you fill out the form below, you will receive an email with the appointment within a few minutes.

Request a copy of our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) CLICK HERE.

Payment Card Industry compliance

If you are involved in processing, transmission of, and/or storage of cardholder data, you must comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

PCI compliance is a shared responsiblity of all parties involved, and applies to Upodi, to your payment service provider (PSP) and your business. When conducting credit card payments online, you must comply with PCI standards.

Request a copy of our Payment Card Industry compliance (PCI) CLICK HERE