Add MobilePay to your payment option with Upodi

Upodi is the subscription management platform for businesses, who want to focus on their core business and let specialists take care of their subscriptions. We have helped +100 companies run a subscription business and we are eager to help you. 
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This is what you can provide your subscription customers with via Upodi. We are certified MobilePay subscription integrators, who makes payments easy and convenient for your customers easy. Actually, so easy it only requires a swipe.
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Make payments easy for your customers

MobilePay Subscriptions is a wallet-type payment method well known and loved by Danish and Finnish users. Upodi makes the integration to the service from your customer-facing front-end easy. See the payment process below:
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MobilePay redirect site.
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Screen while awaiting an accept or a decline.
Go to app.
The agreement with the details provided pops up in the app.
The initial payment can be accepted.

Make subscription easy for your business

Not only are your customers getting an easy and convenient solution - so are you! 

By managing your subscription through Upodi and MobilePay Subscription, you will get an automated solution that keeps track of payments, sends out invoices and creates reports for you. Furthermore you will have a scalable and flexible solution, that adapts to your goals and visions.

In this way, you can focus on your core business and let us handle your subscriptions.