The best way to grow your early-stage startup

Eligible startups get all Upodi features from just $49/mo for up to one year.


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About the program

The Early Stage Program is the best way to grow your early-stage startup. Eligible startups get all of Upodi for a flat rate of €69/mo. (invoices yearly) for up to one year.

Program includes
  • Fast-track, 14 days get-started consierge service.
  • All Upodi features
  • 2 payment providers (VISA/Mastercard included)

Want more details? The Accelerate plan comes with 10 seats and 2,000 people reached. Each additional seat adds $35/mo and each additional 1,000 people reached adds $4/mo. The Product Tours add-on comes with 1,000 guided users and each additional 1,000 guided users adds $4/mo.


Eligable customers a new clients to Upodi. Below 100 subscriptions /mo. and willing to invest in the 14-days consierge service to fast-track onboarding.

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