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Upodi Logo 

A transparent logo in the shape of a Jelly fish to underline our way of doing business. Always transparent with what we do - and always ready to shift shape to adapt to changing environments. 

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Logo - Black text (.ai)

Logo - White text (.ai) (for dark background) 

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Upodi Log


Upodi colors 

Color fonts - Upodi


Upodi Typography

Roboto Mono

A mono-spaced font well suited for finance & programming

Roboto Mono is a monospaced member of the Roboto family. It was designed by Christian Robertson and released as open-source through Google Fonts. It makes an excellent programming font as its letterforms are easy to distinguish from one another.

Also this font represents our deep roots into finance where numbers are much more easy to read and calculate when mono-spaced. 

We want to be very clear and precise in our communication and a font without too many artistic details were exactly what we were looking for. 

Jelly fish - upodi

About Upodi: 

Upodi is a recognised vendor in the Danish market with a long list of clients, including Lunar, Goodiebox, and MobilePay. The company was founded in 2017 to support the fast-growing change in buying behaviour. With its flexible subscription management platform, Upodi enables customers to rapidly scale their subscription business, reducing cost and maintaining control and agility of their business.

About Visma: 

Visma offers software and services that simplify and digitise the most important business processes in the private and public sectors. The Visma Group is active throughout the Scandinavian region, along with the Benelux, Central, and Eastern Europe. With more than 14 000 employees, more than 1 135 000 customer contracts, and net sales of more than € 1.7 billion in 2020, Visma is one of Europe's leading software companies.


Upodi History & Vision

Upodi was founded in 2017 by Rasmus Foged - a visionary entrepreneur who understood the change many companies was facing. They wanted to shift their business model from transactions to relationships through recurring billing and subscription management. 

With a European first mindset Upodi is focusing on a variety of industries. From SaaS to physical box products to membership clubs. Upodi connects the vital elements of any successful business. Frontend, ERP and Payments. To help you focus on your core business. 


Upodi employees gallery


Rasmus Foged


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Tobias Binau

Head of Sales

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Alexander Haugaard 

Account executive

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Simon Kønigsfeldt 

Customer Success Manager

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Lasse Rønn

Product and Customer Experience Manager

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Asger 1

Asger Elner

Senior Customer Success Manager

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Mette N. Mortensen

Marketing Manager

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Emil Holst Petersen

Software Developer

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Lukas 2

Lukas Vaclavek

Senior Software Engineer

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Stanislav Angelov

Software Engineer

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Kristófer 1

Kristófer Andersen

Software Developer

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Stefan Minchev

Senior Software Engineer

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Upodi illustrations