Success is our mutual goal

As a subscription business, your goal is to provide the perfect subscription experience for your customers. Our goal is for Upodi to have every feature you need to do so. In other words, we support each other towards a mutual goal: To make you successful in your subscription business.

Business Benefits

No matter industry or size


A flexible system that readily supports the changes you make to support growth is essential. Upodi is your subscription management software that follows you on the road from 0-100 percent subscription.


Adapting to changing market forces and customer behavior is crucial. With Upodi you get a flexible technology that eases adjustments in your subscriptions to benefit your position and make your business stand out in the crowd.


By automating in a subscription management system like Upodi, you reduce both time and resources spent on handling your subscriptions and increase the accuracy by eliminating the possibility of human errors.

Financial Benefits

Get your numbers right - always


With automated tools to calculate predicted revenue you can provide efficient and accurate revenue reporting. Upodi integrates with leading ERP and accounting solutions - making sure you're getting the numbers right, always.


Upodi is the solid foundation in your subscription business. We want to be your trusted partner and platform ensuring you’re getting the revenue you’ve earned and keeping the customers you’ve won.


Upodi maintains compliance with leading data protection and privacy laws applicable to cloud services. We help you comply with your specific requirements, by adheering to international and industry-specific compliance standards.

Technical Benefits

Build by developers for developers


Build by developers, we understand how to combine the strength of a scalable and secure SaaS platform, with a world-class API. In addition we maintain a set of software development kits (SDKs) to help you build on top of the standards of Upodi.


Upodi is a platform that grows with your company. On the technical side, it means we eliminate redundant software development by having API's and integrations ready for you to quickly integrate and share data with your current systems.


Our comprehensive platform helps you comply with your specific requirements. By adheering to international compliance standards, we give you all the technical documentation to be safe within GDPR, PCI and API - go to documentation corner.

You might think Upodi is expensive...

Subscription management is less expensive than many believe. Get a price quote or look at our standard pricing.
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