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Subscription platform Certified for E-conomic

Upodi is the first and only pure subscription management platform certified for E-conomic. Reduce dublicated efforts by steamlinig your finance.
Discover Visma E-conomic. One of the most used financial SaaS apps.
  • Create customers on the fly when running subscription billings.
  • Ensure your subscription and billing invoices are posted to e-conomic instantly.
  • Book on reciept, and synchronize invoicing numbers across subscription- and e-conomic.
  • Integrate e-conomic with a single click.
  • E-conomic offers a free trial for 14 days. Start now.
  • Support departments and accrual extensions.
Upodi provides easy steps to integrate e-conomic. Read our getting started guide here, no coding skills required.

Discover your competitive advantage today

Integrate with E-conomic today and increase your subscription revenue tomorrow.
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