Plans that scale with your company

Contact us today if you have a need for a special quote on pricing. Regardless where you are on your journey we have a scalable and flexible platform to help you grow. 




  • Up to 1.000 customers
  • 250 invoices per month
  • + onboarding*
  • .
  • Additional invoices:
  • +500 invoices /mo + €90/mo
Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.


  • Up to 5.000 customers
  • 2.000 invoices per month
  • + onboarding*
  • .
  • Additional customers:
  • 5-10.000 + €269/mo
  • 10-25.000 + €799/mo
  • .
  • Additional invoices:
  • +500 invoices /mo + €67/mo
Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.


  • Up to 25.000 customers
  • 15.000 invoices per month
  • + onboarding*
  • .
  • Additional customers:
  • 100-200.000 + €799/mo
  • 200-500.000 + €1.599/mo
  • .
  • Additional invoices:
  • +500 invoices/mo +€49/mo
Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.

+500.000 customers?

Let's have a conversation around your needs and create a solution that ensures your future growth and supports your strategy.



- Unlimited users

- Seamless bill pay


- Reporting 

- ERP integration


- Creditcard support

- Integrations


- Payment processing

- API access


- Helpcenter

- Sandbox



- Dedicated Success Manager
- Customized pricing
- Professional services


Are you at a very early stage?

We love startups and entrepreneurs and we want to help your "baby" grow on the right scalable foundation. If you are in the early stage of your subscription journey and below 100 subscriptions - you should go ahead and apply for our early stage program.

Eligible applicants get Upodi at reduced pricing:



Freguently asked questions:


Where is my data stored?

Upodi is operated using Microsoft Azure infrastructure. The service is primarily hosted in Ireland (EU), secondary Netherlands (EU). We can operate data in any region supported by Microsoft Azure, let's talk!


How do I pay for Upodi?

Upodi provides payment via creditcard (VISA or Mastercard). Manual invoicing or account-to-account is offered for accounts above €500 monthly.


How about onboarding services?

All new Growth & Optimize customers need to buy services (€1199) to get started on the right foot with subscription & recurring efforts. Recurring business is about much more than just using a bunch of software to get billing & payments done; it's about transforming your business to an automated experience your customers love. Scale & Enterprise customers onboarding services are individually set case by case. 


Why is there a difference between amount of customers and invoices?

Not all customers are invoiced monthly. Some chose quarterly, bi-annually or annually - and in those cases we do not need to generate thousands of invoices every month. 

What if I need more than one production instance?

Many of our international customers operate with more than one Upodi production instance (typically one per ERP instance). You can add as many as you like. Each additional production instance costs €49/mo.


Are costs related to PSP's and acquirers included? 

No, Upodi integrates to many PSPs. However, the costs related to transactions for you as a merchant are billed directly between you and your payment service provider. 


How do I contact support?

We provide a 24x7 helpcenter. Our helpcenter is full of guides, documentation and help articles. You can also contact our customer success managers via Intercom (use the Intercom logo in the lower right corner), or via e-mail helpdesk-at-upodi-dot-com


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your paid subscription up to 30 days before the renewal of your subscription, or sign into Upodi and cancel using the administration. 

Contact support to learn more. 


Non-profit organizations

Do you operate independently of any government, addressing a special or political issue?
Contact us and learn about our NGO offerings.