Put your SaaS billing on auto-pilot

Let Upodi handle your recurring billing. 

Automate your SaaS billing and prepare your business for rapid growth. By adding a powerful recurring billing engine to your business, you can:

   icon-check Focus on business growth
   icon-check Stop adding complexity to your tech-stack


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Meet some of our SaaS Customers

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We simplify your invoicing process

Recurring billing is complex

By choosing Upodi, you will get a well-oiled billing engine that seamlessly integrates with leading financial and account solutions, eliminating the possibility of human errors, reducing resources, and much more.

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Let's show you how we can help your SaaS business to accelerated growth

Take back control - Business decisions shouldn't be limited by your tech stack or the amount of developer resources!

With a simple-to-use and very flexible standard platform you'll get back in the steering seat and can swiftly experiment with: 

  • new pricing models

  • market differentiation

  • business insights on your terms

Customer case: Keatech

Keatech faced many issues with its previous subscription platform provider. This resulted in many extra workloads and obstacles (more than necessary). Fortunately, these workloads could be removed from their shoulders. By switching to Upodi, Keatech gained "automated control" over the challenges that their previous provider could not solve for them.

Your company's challenges probably do not look like Keatechs... at least not 1:1.

But are subscription schemes included as an essential part of your business model? Then you also save time, hassle, and money when you choose our platform.

Read the case here.

icon-quote The collaboration with Upodi has been smooth. Like us at Keatech, they are a startup company - which, for example, is not burdened by a lot of management teams. They are very agile and know how to make things work

Martin O. Mikaelsen
CEO Keatech


With Upodi you can provide your customers with:

icon-onboarding Easy sign-up

icon-billing Preferred payment provider 

icon-security Security of personal data

icon-hold Ability to pause/hold their subscription at any time

icon-scalable Ability to up-/downgrade subscription at any time 

Demo for SaaS companies

It's your customers - so it should be your choice. 

We are payment agnostics.

We support the most powerful payment options available to support your business goals: Currently we support more than 47 payment providers and the list is growing to meet new customer demand every quarter. 

Not sure what's the best solution for you? Let's have a conversation and help you make the right choice for your business. Book a demo and let's talk. 



Stripe is one of the important players when it comes to payment infrastructure to the internet. 


Adyen is a great option when it comes to supporting local payment differences over a wide array of European countries. 


PayPal is another great opportunity to support payments in more markets. A trusted partner with a proven track record. 


Plus many more...

PS: We are constantly monitoring customer demand and adds more payment methods regularly...