Control and scale your SaaS recurring revenue smoothly. 

Scale with more efficiency and get your recurring billing operations under control with an all-in-one solution. Collect revenue, minimize customer churn, and automate invoicing with Upodi.
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Billing excellence is the overlooked secret to revenue success


Apply pricing changes instantly

Modify your offerings as much as needed, apply changes automatically and quickly go to market. Test out new pricing packages and roll out new products or features to your heart’s content.

Enjoy frictionless revenue collection

Easily collect and predict your revenue. Take advantage of automated dunning to ensure recurring revenue to stop relying on customers to remember their credit card expiration dates.


Upodi customers in numbers


Subscription growth

5 Billion
Processed Revenue

18 Million

Subscribers in 2022


Probably the best recurring billing engine in the world



Billing doesn't have to be a roadblock

Usage-based or tiered pricing? Billing monthly or annually? Handle your billing operations with ease no matter your SaaS business model or how much you scale.




Accurate recurring revenue reporting

Get an accurate picture of your earnings by calculating Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) with Upodi. Tracking MRR will help assess your sales efforts and predict future growth more confidently.

How we simplify the invoicing process

Invoicing process - Upodi
Reduce invoicing errors

Reduce invoicing errors

Implement billing automation with Upodi to save on resources and eliminate errors. Automatically send invoices and even customize them to reflect your brand identity. No more manual bookkeeping and invoicing.
Prevent churn with automated payments

Prevent churn with automated payments

Automatically handle payments and apply any changes to billing information instantly to prevent churn. Upodi also lets you set up automated charge claims, reclaims, and dunning to ensure payments go through.
Automate bookkeeping with revenue recognition

Automate bookkeeping with revenue recognition 

Give your accounting team a breather by enabling a smoother revenue recognition process. Upodi generates reports of your recognized earnings and gives a reliable overview.

For any SaaS company with recurring billing needs

Regardless of your SaaS product or service, as long as you are dealing with recurring revenue, Upodi can help you manage it. Upodi is a scalable cloud-based recurring billing solution that automates and optimizes operations within the recurring revenue spectrum, helping you scale without losing control of your business.

Experiment with pricing and revenue models


Subscription businesses keep a competitive edge. Try out different revenue models without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Parent billing and complex customer hierarchies are also supported to adjust for in-direct and direct purchase channels to support diverse revenue streams. Go faster to market knowing Upodi is designed to fit any pricing plan. 

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Upodi has given us the freedom to grow, accommodate our custom requirements and scale more efficiently. On top of that, their support is always there to help out

Flemming Laugesen, CTO at Lunar

Choose the best plan for your business



Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.


Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.


Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.
Gain valuable data insights

Gain valuable data insights

Collect and analyze data around customer usage trends, product adoption, CAC, or churn to improve your revenue management. Extract any metrics you might need from Upodi’s data lake.
Integrate with your existing ecosystem

Integrate with your existing ecosystem

Get onboarded and connect Upodi with your ERP or accounting system in no time. Thanks to our API-first approach, you can easily merge Upodi into your existing setup without messing anything up.
We take data seriously

We take data seriously

Upodi is fully compliant with GDPR and PCI regulations. You and your customers can rest assured their credit card and other personal information is safe. 

Collect and grow your recurring revenue with Upodi

One platform for all recurring revenue operations. One solution to help you master billing and secure revenue. Join the movement and see Upodi in action today: