Manage the entire customer lifecycle

Your customer's lifecycle begins when they sign up - then you are in a relationship. Your goal is to keep that relationship and make it a good one. To do so, you need to provide the perfect subscription experience every time using Upodi.
Billing Models

Align value to your subscription plans as your business change over time. Upfront, backward, one time, recurring or as usage. Whether it is on activation, cancellation or midst in a billing.

Secure sign-ups

Managing highly sensitive data is a part of signing up new customers. Upodi helps you comply with your requirements by adhering to international compliances. We make sure that you and your subscribers are safe.


You decide how much and when your subscribers should pay - and we take care of the invoicing. An integration with you ERP system like e-conomic or Dinero makes it easy to send the right invoice to your subscribers every time.


Automated charge claims, reclaims and dunning is a professional way to take care of your customers billing process also ensuring you're getting all the revenue you deserve.


Knowing your subscribers is important if you want to react to their behavior. We give you all key insights so that you can get closer to your subscribers every single day.


Upodi supports the requirements of GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) and PCI.


Provide customers with the option to put subscriptions or charges on hold. Provide flexbility or handle disputes without bugging the customers as you manage the business.


Handle positive cancellations with a smile as customer ends their subscription period, or handle negative churn from clients who force the stop.

Price adjustments

Handle price adjustments across bulks of cutomers, or by simple price override. Ensure proper billings as customers continue to value your services.


Upodi enables coupon codes to allow season based price campaigns, run effective management of price adjustments with expiration and limited use models.


Pricing never stick. Upodi allows to add procentage based discounts to pricing as customers grow, or design tier- and volume pricing plans for the clients whom deserve an extra treat.

Omni-channel billing

Revenue comes from many channels. Upodi support parent billing and complex customer hierachies to adjust for in-direct and direct purchase channels.


Increase cashflow income with prorations during upgrades, enable mid-term billings to capture the changes you often give away for free.

Up- & downgrades

Handles upgrades and downgrades seamless. Upodi handles all the mechanishms of the change, including communication, calculations and correct billing.

Trial Handling

Handle trial management with ease, and able pre-purchase tests and monitor your conversion rates. We all come to love the freemium trial.

Let Upodi do the work

Why spend time on administrating your subscriptions when a subscription management software can do the work for you?
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Accept payments as your customer desire

No charge and billing is the same. Subscriptions has a high frequence and size. Selecting a mix of payment methods to capture and run billing automation.
Upodi integrate to various payment providers
Upodi integrate to various payment providers
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Value-added ERP

Upodi integrates your finance seamlessly with many other popular software systems. Tell us which integration you seek and get a quote.

Integrated to e-conomics
Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365
Integated to QuickBooks
Integrated to Dinero
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Integrated to XERO
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Upodi developers

It often comes down to build or buy? Upodi is build by developers for developers supporting modern REST based APIs, JavaScript, C# or whatever language you desire.
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