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Limitless Subscription Automation Software from Upodi

Explore the features of our customizable subscription management software platform and API, powered by our state-of-the-art recurring billing engine.

Pricing and Billing Models 

Customize and adjust your subscription plans as your business changes over time. Bill in advance, arrears, one-time, recurring add-ons, or usage-based. Whether it is on activation, cancellation, or in the midst of a billing cycle.

Pricing Models
 Upodi provides various monetization models.
A monetization model consists of a pricing model and a charge type.

Upodi supports:

  • Flat fee
  • Per unit
  • Tiered pricing
  • Volume pricing
  • Percentage of quantity
  • Percentage of subtotal

All monetization models can be set up as customized automation flows and connected via the Upodi API. 

Discounting & Coupons
Besides handling pricing models with various product plans, Upodi supports discounting at several levels of the billing cycle.
Discounts are percentage (%) based calculations that will deduct the percentage cost from the price and billing of an invoice.

Upodi also enables coupon codes to allow season-based price campaigns and run effective management of price adjustments with expiration and limited-use models.
Taxation (VAT)

By registering the customer's country of origin, Upodi can automatically apply the corresponding VAT rate. Upodi can also process different customer types, both B2C and B2B, in order to automatically include the correct taxes on your company's invoices.
API enabled

Automatically send invoices and even customize them to reflect your brand identity. We also provide automated invoice matching (Settlements) and can include invoices of classic bank wire transfers.  ERP system connectivity makes it easy to send the right invoice to your subscribers every time.

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API enabled

Upodi supports multiple payment methods which is awesome for all your Go-To-Market initiatives, enabling your business to offer all customers their preferred localized payment methods.
We Make sure your customers are charged correctly, securing revenue without delay. 

Data Security

Managing highly sensitive data safely is essential. We make sure that your company information and your subscribers' information are safe. Upodi supports the requirements of GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) and PCI.

Subscription Management 

Handle and automate active subscriptions at scale. Such as applying upgrades and downgrades, trial management, activating coupons, and putting subscriptions or charges on hold.

Trial Handling
Handle trial management with ease, enable pre-purchase tests, and monitor your conversion rates. Experiment with the freemium trial model.
Price adjustments
Handle both bulk and individual price adjustments of customers' subscriptions or apply a simple price override.
Ensure updated and correct billing so customers continue to value your services.
Upgrades & Downgrades
Handle upgrades and downgrades seamlessly. Upodi handles all the mechanisms of the change, including communication, calculations, and correct billing.
Provide customers with the option to put subscriptions or charges on hold. Maintain their loyalty and provide flexibility. Handle disputes smoothly without bothering the customers unnecessarily. Customers will love you for it.

Update subscription pricing charges in minutes

Robert Purdy - Upodi Price Change 21 Nov 2022
API enabled

Handle positive cancellations with a smile as customer ends their subscription period, or handle negative churn from clients who force the stop.

API enabled
Omni-channel billing

Revenue comes from many channels. Upodi supports parent billing and complex customer hierarchies to adjust for in-direct and direct purchase channels.

API enabled
Proration  Automation

Increase cashflow income with prorations during upgrades, and enable mid-term billings to capture the changes you often give away for free.

Active Invoicing

 Upodi runs billing cycles 24x7 and issues a new invoice any time a subscription charge is ready to be processed. Design automated flows for dunning and settlements.

Dunning Automation
What do you want to do if your customers don't pay?
Upodi has several advanced customizable Dunning Schemes, that decide when to make a recharge of the credit card or switch payment service,  and automatically take subscription actions such as (hold, cancel, and expire) as well as related communication flows to the customer through emails.

Dunning is automatically triggered on any invoice with a customer setup with a Payment Method when the due date is reached and there is a default Dunning Scheme or the Product Plan has a chosen Dunning Scheme.
Settling is the act of connecting the actual posting on your bank account with the invoice.

All invoices in Upodi can be settled manually via the platform interface or can be created and imported through the API.
Self-Service Customer Page
The Upod GoSignup is a Self-Service Customer Pages Feature.

Upodi's hosted pages allow your end customers to view their invoices online, and additionally, they can add or update a credit card for payments.

Upodi's self-service capabilities are continuously being expanded.

Data Insights & Reports  

Collect and analyze data such as customer usage trends, product adoption, CAC, or churn to improve your revenue management. Extract any metrics you need from the Upodi platform powered by Visma Data Lake.

New customers
See how many new customers you won each month.
Subscription performance

See which subscription packages are performing best. Measure the results and update your product team with resalts from pilots and A-B testing.

Churn Rate
Calculate the churn rate and gain insights into the causes of churn so you can mitigate it quickly. 
Custom Insights From Your Data
All the data from the platform can be polled via the API or the Upodi report keys to create very detailed reports.
When polling the data using an external Business Intelligence platform, one utilizes the Upodi 
report keys instead of polling via the API. These reporting keys can read all the data that is needed to create detailed reports in tools such as PowerBI or other reporting tools.
Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition is a type of report, that shows the summarized revenues of your business and how it is divided into totals of everything invoiced in the month (billings) and the totals of all recurring revenue booked in each month (bookings), with the recognition, showing the accrual accounting of recurring revenue distributed over the months.

API enabled
Secure sign-ups

Managing highly sensitive data is a part of signing up new customers. Upodi helps you comply with your requirements by adhering to international compliances. We make sure that you and your subscribers are safe.

Tech Stack Excellence
API Connectivity

Our API-first approach enables compliant and secure integration to your existing tech stack. Get onboarded and integrate Upodi with your ERP or accounting system within hours. Upodi is simple to set up and user-friendly.

We are payment agnostics!

Whether your customers are B2B or B2C, different customers require different payment preferences. That is why Upodi provides various options for payment, all directly integrated and available.

Access multiple payment providers
"Beyond technology"
Besides providing a platform that enables Goodiebox to scale, Upodi provides knowledge and people to guide the growth across mutiple European markets.