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Box subscription management

Provide your box business with the best subscription management platform.

 Let us automate your box subscription business

Automate customer sign-up and payment. Ensure subscription success.

By choosing Upodi, you will get a well-oiled subscription engine that seamlessly integrates with leading finance solutions. This reduces: 

  • Human errors
  • Resources spent
  • Customer frustration
plus many more...
Let us handle your box subscriptions so you can focus on your core business. 


We automate the subscription invoicing process

Invoice process graphic - from manual to automated
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Upodi customer case

Scaling Subscriptions "happiness in a box"

Goodiebox offers a popular subscription box and is active in 9 European countries. Every month members receive "happiness in a box", a variety of different beauty items,  primarily for women.

Supporting different payment preferences across many countries and cultures was key to securing a great user journey and experience,  ensuring continuous customer signup and retention of over 200.000 subscribers.

Here is what you get with Upodi

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icon-onboardingEasy sign-up

icon-billingPreferred payment integrations

icon-holdAbility to pause/hold their subscription at any time

icon-scalableAbility to up-/downgrade subscriptions at any time

We are payment agnostic:


Stripe is one of the important players when it comes to payment infrastructure to the internet. 


Adyen is a great option when it comes to supporting local payment differences over a wide array of European countries. 


PayPal is another great opportunity to support payments in more markets. A trusted partner with a proven track record. .


We are industry experts

As a box subscription company, you're most likely accustomed to the challenges of scaling a business that is built on numerous cumbersome e-commerce extensions.

At Upodi, we've made it our mission to provide best-in-class subscription software for all ambitious subscription companies.

Book a meeting below and talk to an industry expert to see how we can help elevate your business to the next level.