Provide your box business with the best subscription management platform



 Let us handle your box subscription business 

Are you thinking about starting a subscription business with a psychical product that customers receive regularly? Or is your business already established and ready to scale? Then you should consider a standard subscription and recurring billing platform for your box business.

And that is what Upodi is! 

By choosing Upodi, you will get a well-oiled subscription engine that seamlessly integrates with leading finance solutions. This reduces: 

icon-check human errors
icon-check resources spent
icon-check customer frustration
plus many more...
Let us handle your membership subscriptions so you can focus on your core business. 


We simplify your subscription invoicing process:

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Meet one of our box subscription customers

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Here is what you get with Upodi

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icon-onboarding Easy sign-up
icon-billing Preferred payment provider 
icon-hold Ability to pause/hold their subscription at any time
icon-scalable Ability to up-/downgrade subscription at any time 
icon-security Security of personal data

It's your customers - so it should be your choice. 

We are payment agnostics.

We support the most powerful payment options available to support your business goals: Currently we support more than 47 payment providers and the list is growing to meet new customer demand every quarter. 

Not sure what's the best solution for you? Let's have a conversation and help you make the right choice for your business. Book a demo and let's talk. 


Stripe is one of the important players when it comes to payment infrastructure to the internet. 


Adyen is a great option when it comes to supporting local payment differences over a wide array of European countries. 


PayPal is another great opportunity to support payments in more markets. A trusted partner with a proven track record. 


Plus many more...

PS: We are constantly monitoring customer demand and adds more payment methods regularly...