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Rasmus Foged - MD & CTO

Rasmus is the Managing Director and CTO of Upodi. He founded Upodi in 2017 and is dedicated to making Upodi the #1 European subscription management SaaS solution. He has a wide range of skills and is always ready to help out in each department of Upodi. He thrives on developing a great team and focuses on lifting each member to the highest level. Lastly, he is a great example of turning your dreams into reality.

Fun fact: Rasmus enjoys movies and especially movie music scores. If you want to know anything related to Hans Zimmer - Rasmus is your guy. He pretty much knows everything about Mr. Zimmer. Literally, everything! 

Alexander Artman

Alexander Artman - Co-MD & CCO

Alexander is our Co-Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer. Alexander has a great team spirit and a strong work drive towards optimizing financial and commercial operations. He brings a lot of experience from Visma, as well as good energy to the office. Safe to say, we are very pleased with his contribution to our team.

Fun fact: Alexander is a Swede, who is married to a Norwegian, and is living and working in Denmark.

Meet the team - robert

Robert Purdy - Sales Account Executive 

Robert is one of our Sales Executives, working from the Copenhagen office. Robert specializes in Subscription solutions for enterprise, he brings a lot of experience to our team.


Fun Fact: Robert recently flew into the Arctic Circle to climb the highest mountain in Sweden. He aims to tick off Galdhøpiggen in Norway or perhaps Hvannadalshnúkur in Iceland next! 

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Emil Pedersen - Team Lead of R&D

Emil is the Team Lead of R&D at Upodi and leads our development team. He has a laser-sharp focus on creating great recurring billing and subscription management software for our existing and future customers. With a relaxed and casual attitude, Emil contributes greatly to the Upodi spirit, working at our Aarhus office. Emil's team builds and develops the next generation of the Upodi platform.
Fun fact: Emil has played World of Warcraft professionally for a few years. So in case you want to know how to manage your team's healing cooldowns for Shackled Torment on Archimonde, Taint of the Sea on Helya or Gul'dan's Liquid Hellfire, you are more than welcome to reach out :)



Simon Kønigsfeldt - Customer Success Manager 

Simon is a Customer Success Manager and a part of our Customer Success team. Simon brings a positive attitude to work and is a team player, always eager to best support our customers - Needless to say, we are thrilled to have him on board the Upodi Rocketship. 

Fun fact: Simon loves food... and especially cheese... Even more precisely brie. One time on a holiday he ate so much brie, that his family started to call him "Brimon" 

Lasse 500x350

Lasse Rønn - Head of Product

Lasse is our Head of Product. Lasse has been working at Upodi since Maj 2018. He is fluent in both "business" and "developer" language, which makes him the perfect match for his position, as he links between products and customers, without anything getting lost in "translation".

Fun fact: Lasse loves board games, and owns 50+ at home. 



Alexander Haugaard - Sales Account Executive 

Alexander is one of our Sales Account Executives, working out of our office in Copenhagen. Alexander has a sharp wit and provides a lot of experience from his time working in the payment industry. He has a great team spirit and we are pleased to have him as part of the team. 

Fun Fact: Alexander has not just one, but two  Bengal cats, Tik-Tok videos of which have gone viral with over 450.000 views. 


Piper McKenzie - Head of Marketing

Piper is our Head of Marketing. He is passionate about delivering business growth through strategic communication and marketing campaigns. Piper has a commercial and creative background and leads the team at our Copenhagen office.

Fun Fact: Piper is comfortable both in front and behind a camera, as he for years has directed and acted in movies and theatre productions. 


Kristófer 1

Kristófer Andersen - Software Developer

Kristófer is a Software Developer at Upodi, which makes him a part of our development team. He joined the team in February 2022. He is eager to make use of his knowledge and skills to help Upodi together with his teammates. Lastly, he does not shy away from any challenges, which makes him an awesome team member.

Fun fact: Kristófer loves nerdy things such as playing board games and video games. However, at the same time, he enjoys sports such as Muay Thai, snowboarding/skiing, and hiking.
Asger 1

Asgar Elmer - Senior Customer Success Manager

Asger is our Senior Customer Success Manager and a part of our Customer Success team. Asger brings a lot of great experience and is eager to help Upodi on our growth journey.  

Fun fact: Asger knows everything there is to know about Ancient History - go ahead and try him :) 



Lukas Vaklavek - Senior Software Engineer

Lukas is a Senior Software Engineer at Upodi and has been since February 2022. This makes him an important part of our incredible development team. He has a great team spirit and strives to do his best in solving whatever challenge is given to him. 

Fun fact: Lukas enjoys playing foosball, in fact, he enjoys it so much that he bought a foosball table in Copenhagen and moved it to the Czech Republic in the car, so he can still play even when he's not in Denmark.


Stefan Minchev - Senior Software Engineer

Stefan is a Senior Software Engineer at Upodi and plays an important part in our development team. He is always eager to make use of his knowledge and skills to help Upodi together with his teammates. Lastly, he does not shy away from any challenges, which makes him an awesome team member.
Fun fact: Stefan is a true cat lover, at some point, had 8 cats and 3 dogs. Moreover, he used to play Counter-Strike 1.6 for 8-10 hours a day surrounded by many cats 🐈


Peter Mitchell 2

Peter Mitchell - Sales Development Representative

Peter is a Sales Development Representative at Upodi. He has a background working in SaaS companies, and he is always eager to start talking with potential customers. Peter has a great team spirit, and brings with him heaps of Aussie-Dane charm.

Fun fact: Peter is big on sports specifically rugby, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.
He also helps out with Nordic Elite Wrestling events.


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