Optimize recurring revenue with an all-in-one subscription management platform

Scale your subscription business, improve customer retention and prevent revenue leakage by putting your recurring billing on auto-pilot. Join the movement and automate with Upodi.

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Scale without limits

Entering new markets? Introducing additional products or services? Scale your business without adding complexity to your tech stack. Upodi scales with you no matter how many new subscribers join your platform or how much you expand your offerings.

Automate recurring billing

Manage recurring billing operations automatically and securely with Upodi. Monitor the health of payment methods to retry failed payments and enable your customers to choose their preferred payment method.


Upodi customers in numbers


Subscription growth

5 Billion
Processed Revenue

18 Million

Subscribers in 2022



Stop chasing payments

No more revenue slipping through the cracks. Use automated dunning to remind subscribers of upcoming payments, credit card expiration dates, or overdue bills to prevent involuntary churn. 




Say goodbye to manual invoicing and spreadsheets

No more manual invoicing with the headache of making sure to charge the correct amount at the right time. Automatically send invoices and even customize them to reflect your brand identity. We also provide automated invoice matching and can include invoices of classic bank wire transfers.


Keep customers happy

Give your customers the freedom to independently sign up, activate, change, and pause or cancel accounts. Prevent them from getting the wrong bill - with Upodi billing info and invoices are always up-to-date, keeping your customers happy.

How we simplify the invoicing process

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All you need in one dashboard


Get detailed financial reports directly from the dashboard and assess future earnings and company growth with higher accuracy. Collect valuable insights and metrics such as CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) to improve subscription management or adjust pricing strategy.

Experiment with pricing and revenue models


Try out different revenue models without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Parent billing and complex customer hierarchies are also supported to adjust for in-direct and direct purchase channels to support diverse revenue streams. Go to market faster knowing Upodi is designed to fit any pricing plan.
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Upodi is built for high-volume


From physical box delivery to membership clubs to fast-growing SaaS companies and beyond - Upodi can automate and optimize the subscription lifecycle of any subscription business. Manage free trials, upgrades, or downgrades, and take care of invoicing, dunning, and customer retention with one single platform.
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Stay on brand with a white label solution 


Upodi is a 100% white-label solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing customer journey, including all the activities involved in a subscriber’s lifecycle, from signing up to cancellation. 

Integrate with your existing setup


Our API first approach enables compliant and secure integration to your existing tech stack. Get onboarded and integrate Upodi with your ERP or accounting system within hours. Upodi is simple to set up and user-friendly.

Your customer data is safe with us


Upodi is fully compliant with GDPR and PCI regulations. Companies and their subscribers can rest assured their credit card and other personal data is safe.


Start for free

Start your free trial and see how Upodi can optimize your subscription management.
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Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.


Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.


Start by trying our service for 30 days. Free trial no credit card required.

Subscription management, secure and simplified with Upodi