Gain flexibility and control with the right subscription management software

A subscription management solution allows you to have all this knowledge gathered in one system. So don’t waste your time in an Excel sheet, there is an easier solution that is both faster and more accurate.

Do yourself a favor and choose a dedicated subscription management platform to manage your subscriptions and save yourself from tons of hours working on manual processes. 

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Why a subscription management platform? 


If you have a business model with a recurring billing system (a.k.a. a subscription business), a subscription management solution is almost mandatory.

This is where you can manage your customers' life cycle as they subscribe to your product/service. This means that subscription management includes everything from cradle to grave. 


Benefits of having a subscription management


It allows you to address customer-related actions, for example to keep track of:

     icon-check Your customers behavior (e.g. lack of engagement)

     icon-check Payments (missing payment, technical churn)

     icon-check Upgrades / downgrades

     icon-check Cancellations

     icon-check Prorations

     icon-check Invoices

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Data is gold when running a subscription business


As you go from transactions to relations with your customers (or as we like to phrase it: moving from one-night stands to relationships) data is key. Providing our customers with a proper subscription management system also provides security (data is stored safely), which is a good foundation for trust, and as we know… good relationships rely on trust…

Lastly, these insights into your customers also enable you to react proactively to your customers' behavior (e.g. low engagement or technical churn). So, a subscription management system gives you the possibility to avoid churn and best of all to have happy subscribers.



Why Upodi?




We have one goal at Upodi: to provide our customers with the best subscription management and recurring billing system for their subscription businesses. We are born in Denmark, Europe. A start-up from 2017 that has helped more than 100 businesses enter the subscription world.icon-trustworthy
Europe is extremely fragmented. The countries are close geographically, however, this does not mean that customer behaviors are the same. Actually, they are very different.

Let’s explain this with an example. You have a subscription business. You are ready to expand to other countries – GREAT. You provide credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, etc.), however, new website visitors are leaving your website at the payment check-out. WHY? Because you are not supporting their preferred payment method. Almost every country in Europe prefers different payment types, and it is crucial that you support their preferred to enter the market successfully. You can read more about it here

By choosing Upodi as your subscription management and recurring billing platform you will be able to expand internationally without worrying about not providing your customers with their preferred payment methods. See which payment methods we are currently supporting here