Optimize, Automate, and Scale with Upodi's recurring billing engine for SaaS.

Optimize and efficiently scale your business with automated recurring billing. With our customizable recurring billing engine, you can change pricing, collect revenue, automate invoicing, and minimize customer churn with Upodi.

Our customers trust Upodi and grow year after year.

Apply pricing changes and discounts instantly

Modify your pricing and packaging as often as required, and apply changes automatically.
Quickly go to market and remain agile when testing out new pricing packages. Make variations and roll out new products or features to your heart’s content.

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Enjoy frictionless revenue collection

Automatically collect and predict your revenue. Take advantage of dunning automation flows, and add a second payment method to ensure recurring revenue flows in.

Dunning Automation
Stop chasing payments

No more revenue slipping through the cracks. Use automated dunning to remind subscribers of upcoming payments, credit card expiration dates, or overdue bills to prevent involuntary churn. 

Invoice Automation
Retire manual charge corrections

No more manual invoicing with the headache of making sure to charge the correct amount at the right time. Automatically send customized invoices that reflect your brand identity. Upodi also provides automated invoice matching and can include invoices of classic bank wire transfers.

Automate Flixibility
Keep offering customers value

Provide your customers with the freedom and independence to sign up, activate, change, and pause or cancel subscriptions.  Ensure they never get the wrong bill. Upodi billing info and invoices are always up-to-date, keeping your customers happy.

For scaling SaaS companies with recurring billing needs

Upodi can help you manage any recurring revenue billing model regardless of your SaaS product or service. Upodi is a scalable cloud-based subscription and recurring billing solution that automates and optimizes billing operations, ensuring pricing flexibility and security at scale. 


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How Upodi simplifies the invoicing process

Upodi automates the many steps in the invoice creation, distribution, and settlement process.

Gain valuable data insights

Collect and analyze data such as customer usage trends, product adoption, CAC, or churn to improve your revenue management. Extract any metrics you need from Upodi via the Visma data lake.

Integrate with your existing ecosystem

Upodi connects with many ERP and accounting systems. Thanks to our Open API-first approach, merging Upodi into your existing tech stack setup is easy, customizable, and secure.

We take data seriously

Upodi is fully compliant with GDPR and PCI regulations. You and your customers can rest assured their credit card and other personal data is safe.

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SaaS on subscription

Experiment with pricing and revenue models

Try out different revenue models without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Parent billing and complex customer hierarchies are also supported to adjust for in-direct and direct purchase channels to support diverse revenue streams. Go to market faster knowing Upodi is designed to fit any pricing plan.

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Upodi customer case


Lunar is a born-digital fintech company focusing on delivering a stellar banking experience to its customers. The company continues to maintain a rapid growth trajectory and has become an important player in Nordic banking and fintech. Upodi's recurring billing engine has been essential in processing their scaling billing operations and maturing business. 

"Lunar is a digital bank with the best app on the market. We make things easier for more than 200,000 users every day"

Customer Reference
“Upodi has given us the freedom to grow, accommodate our custom requirements, and scale more efficiently. On top of that, their support is always there to help out"

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