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SaaS Pricing Models

05 January 2021- 14 min read

SaaS Pricing Models: How to Transition from Invoicing

Most businesses have experience of the frustration of chasing late and unpaid invoices. Missed payments cost you precious time and resources in chasing up, and the disruption to your cash flow can also affect your business in other ways.

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Churn rate

28 October 2020- 19 min read

Minimise Churn Rate – 6 Tools for Churn Analysis 

While focusing on churn rate can be seen as a negative, with many SaaS companies instead looking to focus on the positive aspects of their retention rate, putting a focus on this metric can have a huge impact on your business growth.

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Discount Rate Formula

22 October 2020- 14 min read

Calculating Discount Rate [2020 Guide + Formula]

If you plan to secure investment to help you grow your SaaS business, the discount rate is a crucial metric of which you will need to have a grasp.

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Pricing Strategy

29 September 2020- 17 min read

Elaborate guide of pricing strategy | How to sell using pricing strategies 

One of the most challenging aspects of marketing and selling a product is deciding its price.

Pricing can represent a puzzle and is one that every SaaS business will face.

However, pricing your SaaS platform doesn’t have to be a stab in the dark.

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Price elasticity of demand [The extensive guide]

23 September 2020- 15 min read

Price elasticity of demand [The extensive guide]

Getting your pricing right is essential in any business. In a SaaS context, where a change in price can trigger cancellations of subscriptions or push potential customers in the arms of your competition, it can make or break your business.

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Dunning Process

02 September 2020- 11 min read

The elaborate guide 2020 | Dunning as a process for payment of debt 

Historically, the term dunning had a very different context to which it would be in a SaaS context today.

What Did Dunning Previously Mean?

The historical use of dunning relates most typically to the collection of debts.

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SaaS Metrics

27 August 2020- 13 min read

SaaS Metrics Guide: What Are the Key Ones?

SaaS businesses that have the most significant long-term success, and always seem to innovate and find ways to keep their customers happy, have one massive thing in common.

They obsess over their metrics and take continual action to improve them.

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Dynamic Pricing

12 August 2020- 15 min read

How to increase sales with dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is a strategy most used in the retail industry. However, it may be a strategy that is worth exploring for your SaaS business. Dynamic pricing can be great from a business perspective.

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03 August 2020- 12 min read

How to Increase ACV as a SaaS Business 

There is so much jargon and so many different acronyms thrown about when it comes to SaaS that it’s easy to confuse yourself and your customers, when it comes to talking about various matters. In addition to causing confusion... 

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Tiered Pricing

25 June 2020- 11 min read

Calculate the Optimum Tiered Pricing Strategy

Deciding on a pricing strategy for your SaaS platform can be tricky. It’s easy to look at other SaaS providers in your niche and simply undercut their pricing or offer a similar model. What works for one SaaS provider in terms of pricing won’t necessarily work for you.

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Subscription Business Model

22 June 2020- 13 min read

Subscription Business Model: How to Use it [2020]

Using a subscription model is a fantastic way to help you compound the value of your customer relationships. Rather than working hard to get customers multiple times if you want them to make repeat purchases, a subscription model allows you to acquire the customer once. 

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Customer Acquisition Cost

14 June 2020- 14 min read

Guide | The what, how and why of customer acquisition cost 

Thanks to continuing improvements in customer behaviour tracking, it has never been easier for businesses to measure their customer acquisition cost (CAC).

The ability to measure CAC has had a substantial influence on businesses, especially in the SaaS space. 

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