Upodi by Visma included in Top 10 Subscription Management Software list for 2024 by Tekpon

01 February 2024- 6 min read

Copenhagen, Feb 01, 2024 – Upodi, a cutting-edge subscription automation software for enterprises that provides a customizable platform and API as well as an advanced recurring billing engine. announced that its software solution has been named among 2024’s top Subscription Management software by software marketplace Tekpon.

Lassa Rønn, Head of Product at Upodi, is very happy about receiving recognition for providing large and enterprise businesses with a scalable and future-facing solution.
"I am delighted to receive recognition for Upodi's dedication to serving the complex needs of large enterprises through our advanced subscription management platform. From the very beginning, our product strategy at Upodi has been to focus on the invaluable feedback from our clients, aligning this with the intricate demands of subscription management professionals operating at scale."

Tekpon compiled its Top 10 Subscription Management Software shortlist based on factors including simplification, customization options, and affordability. With a score of 9.1/10, Tekpon acknowledges Upodi as a comprehensive and flexible subscription management solution that can help businesses automate and optimize their subscription lifecycle with advanced billing and invoicing capabilities:

The software is exceptionally good at managing discounts and coupons, offering seasonal price campaigns, and providing effective management of price adjustments. It also automates taxation by applying the appropriate VAT rate based on the customer’s country of origin and customer type (B2C or B2B).” the review states.

You can find the full review here: https://tekpon.com/software/upodi/reviews/

Tekpon is a software marketplace born out of the genuine desire to help people change how they consume and purchase software products and services. Behind Tekpon is a team of enthusiastic tech lovers who want to allow, users to boost their lives and businesses with the right software. Furthermore, its mission is to help people and businesses make the right software choice.

To date, Upodi processes 18 million subscribers each year, supporting customers with an average growth of 5X, with the largest markets being the Nordics, Benelux and Germany. To learn more about Upodi or to request additional information, please visit https://www.upodi.com

About Upodi Founded in 2017, Upodi is a leading subscription billing and management platform, that automates pricing, billing, and invoicing operations for large SaaS and Enterprise subscription businesses. Upodi provides core system infrastructure with its world-class recurring billing engine, supporting limitless scalability within Europe and the rest of the world. Upodi is headquartered in Denmark. The company was acquired by Visma in 2021: https://www.upodi.com/blog/visma-expands-offering-in-subscription-mgmt-with-acquisition-of-upodi

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