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One-night stands or relationships?

07 September 2023- 7 min read

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Hey Jakob?

❓ Why should you consider a subscription business instead of a traditional transaction business ❓

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How to avoid the curse of the “Zombie Shopping Cart”

11 October 2020- 13 min read

YOU ARE SLOWLY COMING to your senses: “What’s going on?”  

Your head is buzzing… and you struggle to see things clearly.   

Gradually your surroundings emerge before you: 

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Do you have your introductory offers under control?

06 October 2020- 4 min read

A story from real life – that ended in revenue loss…

Once there were (and still is) a Danish company – more specifically a chain of gyms. Our chain of gyms, let’s call them Fitness X. They were successful.

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Avoid abandoned cart on new markets

14 September 2020- 6 min read

There was once an entrepreneur who was successful in his home market. Each month, a box of inspirational products was sent out to his subscribers and they got value, inspiration and motivation to try new things.

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Manual invoicing based on number of users and clicks

21 July 2020- 3 min read

… That sounds boring.  

Nevertheless, this is the reality in many companies - it takes an incredibly long time, it is manual (read: high risk of error) AND lack of proration means that you potentially lose revenue (read more about proration here).

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Technical Churn Prevention

16 July 2020- 4 min read

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a glimpse into the future?

For example, wouldn’t it be nice if you could foresee missing payments before they were missing?

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Are you in control of your company or are your company in control?

30 June 2020- 3 min read

When we talk subscribers, many people think of mobile and the internet - and maybe Netflix, Spotify and fitness?

Classic subscription schemes where we pay and fast bend once a month, and then a form for goods or services is delivered.

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Can your customers press hold on their subscriptions?

21 April 2020- 3 min read

How easy is it for your customers to press hold on their subscription?

Recently, Tien Tzou whi is CEO and founder of American/Chinese Zuora has an exciting update.

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